Best Adidas Padel Rackets

Best Adidas Padel Rackets

These padel racquets are perfect for different players. Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or experienced player, this Best Adidas Padel Rackets selection probably has something that will suit you.

Quick delivery is offered at your home to ease your life. Adidas has launched a new line of padel rackets with unique designs and game-changing concepts.

The popularity of these rackets among padel players serves as evidence of this. Adidas is one of the most famous brands in the world of sports. Whatever your playing prowess or preferences are, adidas Padel will provide you a racket.

With its exceptional quality and design rackets, Adidas aspires to be the best in the market. In all of its variations, Adidas Adipower continues to be the most popular of the company. With an anti-vibration technology that also offers more comfort during play, this season’s collection is ideal for players who are prone to elbow ailments. 

To deliver exceptional performance on the track, Adidas deployed its greatest innovations, including Dual Exoskeleton Technology, Weight and Balance Technology, Smart Holes Curve, and Power Embossed.

Here Are 4 Best Adidas Padel Rackets I Have Found:

We’ll show you which Adidas Padel models are the best based on the type of player you are.

  • Attack: Adidas Adipower Light 3.1
  • Control: Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1
  • Low Budget: Adidas RX20 Light
  • Women: Adidas AdiPower Woman Lite 3.1

1. Adidas Adipower Light 3.1:

CoreSoft EVA 
Adidas Adipower Light 3.1

Adidas Adipower Light 3.1 Description:

A round racket with excellent power and a comfortable feel when striking the ball is AdiPower Light 3.1. The core is made of soft EVA, and the outer layer is made of carbon fiber. For players with wrist, shoulder, or elbow issues, this padel racket is light and soft. Its rough surface makes it easier for you to grip the ball, which makes it much simpler to slice the ball or generate topspin.


Octagonal structure:

The racket can be made more rigid and has greater strength thanks to its octagonal structure.

Core (EVA Soft):

There is an Eva soft rubber inside the Adidas Adipower Light 3.1 racket. This corresponds to a softer touch and the ability to comfortably take on your most challenging matches. The core gives the player a sense of comfort and pace while they are playing.

Aluminized Carbon:

Increased lightness provides much more manageability, but not at the expense of resistance, which also increases as a result of the 100% carbon frame’s incorporation.

Hybrid carbon fiber is extremely durable and is neither too rigid nor too smooth. It gives the racket a lot of energy at impact without sacrificing comfort.

Smart Holes Curve:

The Adipower Light 3.1 will improve your ability to maneuver and give your shots more spin. To have a larger area of strikes, the holes in the racket have been considered.

Spin Blade Technology:

Utilizing the spin blade technology, you can increase spin and slice the ball. To maximize the production of effects, the racket’s frame is in relief. perfect for surprising a player with a unique effect. No matter who your opponent is, this technology will make your shot powerful.

2. Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1:

CoreSoft EVA 
Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1

Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 Description:

The new ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1 best padel racket has an oversized round shape with a wide sweet spot and great lightness that provides unbeatable comfort in handling. This implementation of a round shape and medium balance will provide you with excellent control and maneuverability without sacrificing power. It incorporates Weight and Balance Technology, a system that allows us to adjust the weight.


Octagonal Structure system:

Adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.1 features a new octagonal frame structure that provides more stability and rigidity, strengthening the construction and extending its lifespan.

Weight and Balance technology:

It is designed with innovative weight and balance technology that allows you to choose between a heavier or lighter racket, and the balance can be adjusted up or down. This means you can alter your racket depending on the type of opposition you have.

Spin Blade Grit:

The spin blade grit will give your most powerful shots the necessary spin.

Core (Soft EVA Rubber):

The soft EVA rubber provides greater flexibility, control, and comfort. It comes in a variety of stiffness levels, which is one of the reasons it has become so common—you can customize it to achieve any effect you desire.

I examined this racket and discovered that it was very simple to use all over the court. It is best suited to players who are seeking good control and spin.

3. ADIDAS RX20 LIGHT Padel Racket:

CoreSoft EVA 
ADIDAS RX20 LIGHT Padel Racket

Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 Description:

The brand-new Adidas RX20 Light is the Best Adidas Padel Rackets to use when you want to run onto the court and perform well. This racket, designed for intermediate-level players who occasionally like playing, stands out for its exceptional comfort and maneuverability. Due to its reduced weight, rounded form, and spacious sweet spot, the new RX20 LIGHT is the ideal racket for players seeking maximum comfort and simple handling. The RX20 Light has a pleasant and responsive feel thanks to its fiber glass design and EVA soft performance rubber, while Structural Power technology offers you an additional surge of power.


Foam/core composition:

In the RX20, Adidas employs EVA Soft Performance foam. With each shot, this top-notch technology delivers the racket tremendous power and comfort. Additionally, it lessens vibrations, allowing you to play for hours on end without experiencing arm pain.

Surface coating:

The Adidas RX20 features a surface made entirely of fiberglass, which offers a very smooth playing surface and excellent ball(best padel balls) exit. Its  frame and planes, made of fiber glass, give the user a fantastic sense of comfort and exceptional shot accuracy. It also produces excellent feelings while being hit since it was made with materials that are flexible and facilitate player adaptability.

Smart Holes Curve:

Smart Holes technology distributes holes of varying sizes throughout space to ensure a strong and ideal hit. The way the holes are laid out was specifically chosen to maximize the impact of every shot you make. It favors the ball’s output and enhances the effects.

Structural Power technology:

The structural technology reinforcement, which boosts stiffness and therefore power in shots or volleys close to the net, will help you take control of your offensive game. You may gain an extra touch of power and master the art of attacking shots with this technology.

According to my experience, this racket is for players who want to identify their playing style and hone their technique.

4. Adidas AdiPower Woman Lite 3.1:

CoreSoft EVA 
Adidas AdiPower Woman Lite 3.1

Adidas AdiPower Woman Lite 3.1 Description:

Adipower Light 3.1 is a widely known women’s Best Adidas Padel Rackets. This shape has a rounded bottom, a sweet spot in the center, and is balanced. The hitting area is designed in such a way that it is easier to apply spin to the ball. This racket is ideal for players who want to maintain gentle and consistent speed and control.


Exoskeleton Technology:

Players can put the most power possible into their attacking shots thanks to the dual exoskeleton technology, which consists of double-height carbon ribs incorporated into the center of the racket. With this reinforcement, both rigidity and flexibility are increased.

Surface coating:

The Adidas RX20 features a surface made entirely of fiberglass, which offers a very smooth playing surface and excellent ball exit. Its  frame and planes, made of fiber glass, give the user a fantastic sense of comfort and exceptional shot accuracy. It also produces excellent feelings while being hit since it was made with materials that are flexible and facilitate player adaptability.

Core (EVA Soft):

Inside the Adidas Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 racket is a and Eva soft rubber. This means you’ll have a softer touch and will be able to face your most difficult matches without discomfort. The core provides a feeling of pace and comfort while playing.


The Adipower Woman Lite 3.1 is made of fiberglass, which gives a comfortable effect on the surface to allow for excellent ball withdrawal with each stroke. The racquet’s little extra is the relief effect, which allows for better spin and makes it easy to handle.

Power Embossed Ridge Technology:

With carbon reinforcements all over the racket, the Power Embossed Ridge technology gives you exceptional toughness. You’ll arrive at your goal—victory—faster thanks to the frame’s added lightness.

Spin Blade Grit:

A unique sand-format roughness called Spin Blade Grit technology is applied to the entire striking surface. With the aid of this technology, you will be able to generate the best spin and improve your ball feel.

Smart Holes Curves:

A wider hitting zone and a very noticeable tolerance are made possible by the Smart Holes Curves, even on off-center shots.


One of the most well-known and representative brands in the field is Adidas. They are supported by a cast of talented and distinctive stars, including Martita Ortega, Seba Nerone, Alex Ruiz, and Ale Galán. The renowned company not only creates top-notch padel tennis equipment but also allocates a portion of its efforts to protecting and conserving the environment.

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