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If you want to play padel, you first have to select a racket to play with, and this is the problem I have been observing over the last few months: people are not aware of how to choose a suitable padel racket for them. They do not know what to consider while acquiring a racket.

When I personally encountered this problem, I thoroughly researched padel rackets, gathered detailed information, and compiled it all into this article.

Head Evo Pick
9.7 Head Evo Sanyo
Head Evo Sanyo padel racket review
  • Manufacturer: Head
  • Weight: 365g
  • Shape ‏: Round
  • Balance: EVEN
  • Material: Graphite
Bullpadel Pick
9.7 Bullpadel Vertex 03
Bullpadel Vertex 03 Padel Racket:
  • Manufacturer: Bullpadel
  • Weight: 365-375g
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Balance: High
  • Core: MultiEva
Adidas Pick
9.7 Adidas Drive Light 3.2
Adidas Drive Light 3.2 Padel Racket
  • Manufacturer:  Adidas
  • Weight: 1.98 Pounds
  • Shape : Round
  • Balance: EVEN
  • Core: Eva Rubber

Here Are 7 Best Padel Rackets I Have Found:

  • Head Evo Sanyo Padel Racket
  • HEAD Graphene 360 Zephyr Padel Racket
  • Adidas Drive Light 3.2 Padel Racket
  • Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 Padel Racket
  • StarVie Racket Pro Padel Racket
  • Bullpadel Vertex 03 Padel Racket
  • Head Evo Delta Padel Racket

1. Head Evo Sanyo Padel Racket:

Material Graphite composite
Head Evo Sanyo padel racket review

Head Evo Sanyo Review:

It is a beginner’s padel racket that offers a decent balance of comfort, control, and force. It has a round shape, a big sweet spot, and even balance to help with comfort and control on every ball(Best padel balls). It is also excellent value for money, with technologies such as Anti shock skin and the lightest fiberglass implemented this year.

The Sanyo Evo is aimed at the beginner player looking to invest in their first racquet and offers great versatility on both attack and defense. It has an elegant design that will appeal to a wide range of players and is easy to play and comfortable.

The Head Evo Sanyo padel racket is certainly worth looking into if you’re new to the game and want a racket that provides a great balance of comfort, control, and strength.

It is incredibly simple to manage and feels incredibly cozy in your palm thanks to its round shape, large sweet spot, and even balance. It is also a wonderful deal for the money because it is loaded with some really interesting technologies.

While the Innegra technology used on the exterior makes it one of the lightest and strongest fabrics available, the Soft Foam core technology gives your game more strength and ease. Not to mention the Power frame, which provides additional power and longevity.

Overall, the Head Evo Sanyo padel racquet is a great option for newcomers who want to rapidly advance in their game. Additionally, it has a modern style that will be attractive to a variety of users. So if you’re prepared to make a purchase for your first padel racquet, this one is unquestionably something to think about!



The extremely soft core ensures a considerable gain in power.

The Innegra technology:

This technology used on the surface of this racket is one of the lightest and strongest fibers available.

Power frame:

Carbon frame for extra strength.


  • Powerful
  • Comfortable
  • Provides good control
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Affordable


  • Not yet

2. HEAD Graphene 360 Zephyr Padel Racket:

HEAD Graphene 360 Zephyr Padel Racket

HEAD Graphene 360 Zephyr Review:

The Head Graphene 360 Zephyr padel racket is intended for advanced players looking for a strong but lightweight racquet for best game performance. It is most effective for defensive play and comes in stylish colors like black, purple, and pink.

It has a balanced construction that works well for receiving softer balls while maximizing return strength, making it suitable for both offensive and defensive games. It can hit full shots with a wide, central sweet spot that gets bigger and more accurate with each impact. It is a reasonable, enjoyable, and comfy Padel racket.

The Head Graphene 360 Zephyr is definitely something you should think about if you play intermediate-level padel. This racquet is intended for players who desire a lightweight, potent, and simple-to-use racket that can support them in achieving their highest degree of performance.

This racket’s Graphene 360 technology, which makes it extremely strong and bendable, is one of its most distinctive features. It also helps to lessen vibrations for a smoother feel, so you can strike forcefully and quickly without fretting about breaking the racket.

The Zephyr is an extremely adaptable racket that can be used by players of all abilities thanks to its optimized form and balance. It’s best suited for intermediate players, though, who prefer a racquet that’s gentle on their muscles and joints.

Another remarkable feature of this racquet is its Comfort Foam core. It imparts a soft, pleasant feel to the racket, making it ideal for prolonged playing periods. The Integrated Protector technology’s pre-molded carbon bumper additionally offers extra security from shards and scrapes.

Even though the Head Graphene 360 Zephyr costs a little more than some other intermediate-level rackets, the expenditure is worthwhile. It has excellent efficiency and quality, and its lightweight construction and balanced feel make it fun to use.

Overall, the Head Graphene 360 Zephyr is unquestionably worth looking into if you’re looking for a high-performing and comfy padel racquet that can help you advance your game.



Comfort Foam core gives the racket a soft and comfortable feel for a longer playing time

Integrated Protector Technology

The Zephyr racket has Integrated Protector Technology to guard against nicks and scrapes. The racquet is shielded from impacts and scrapes by this pre-molded carbon bumper, extending its lifespan.


The combination of fiberglass and carbon improves the playing field for players.

Graphene 360+ technology

Graphene 360+ technology is an improvement over Graphene Touch that keeps strength and control while reducing disturbance and improving comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Durable
  • Soft and comfortable feel


  • Expensive

3. Adidas Drive Light 3.2 Padel Racket:

CoreEva Rubber
Adidas Drive Light 3.2 Padel Racket

Adidas Drive Light 3.2 Review:

The lightweight Adidas Drive 3.2 best Padel rackets offers excellent control and comfort throughout the game.

The balance is totally even to give you the most comfort and control, and it has a round shape and a large sweet spot to assist with ease and control on every ball.

Since it weighs only 345–360 g, it is very manageable and suitable for both girls and boys seeking for a light control padel racket. It is simple to use and simple to practice volleys, lobs, and groundstrokes in order to quickly and easily improve them.

For novices searching for a lightweight, cozy, and control-focused racket, the Adidas Drive Light 3.2 padel is the ideal option. The soft performance eva rubber core guarantees comfort and vibration-free hitting, and its round shape and even balance offer a broad sweet spot and error forgiveness.

Its playability is increased by the fiberglass construction, and it is resistant to shocks and impacts from accidents thanks to structural power technology. It is inexpensive and excellent for learning and advancement.

Overall, this is a top-notch racket that offers excellent value for the money and is ideal for novices who want to start playing padel and advance fast.



It is softer than usual. Eva rubber generates excellent output, absorbs vibrations, and offers more relaxing and vibration-free striking.

Structural Power technology:

Structural Power technology improves longevity, offers stable hitting, and increases resilience to accidental strikes or shocks.


To improve flexibility and give the racket a softer feel, fibre glass is used in the frame and planes.


  • Gives excellent output
  • Provides softer feel
  • Absorbs Vibrations
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Not yet

4. Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 Padel Racket:

CoreSoft EVA 
Type Control
Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 Padel Racket:

Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 Review:

The new ADIDAS METALBONE CTRL 3.1  best padel rackets has an oversized round shape with a wide sweet spot and great lightness that provides unbeatable comfort in handling.

This implementation of a round shape and medium balance will provide you with excellent control and manoeuvrability without sacrificing power. It incorporates Weight and Balance Technology, a system that allows us to adjust the weight.

I examined this racket and discovered that it was very simple to use all over the court. Advanced players seeking a racket with great control and precision might choose the Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1 padel racket.

Additionally, the racket is quite well balanced, which makes it simple to control. The construction quality is also excellent; it has a sturdy, long-lasting feel. The sleek and contemporary style makes it stand out on the court. To anybody searching for a premium, well-balanced racket that provides great control.

Adidas Metalbone Control 3.1


Core (Soft EVA Rubber):

The soft EVA rubber provides greater flexibility, control, and comfort. It comes in a variety of stiffness levels, which is one of the reasons it has become so common—you can customise it to achieve any effect you desire.

Weight and Balance Technology:

It is designed with innovative weight and balance technology that allows you to choose between a heavier or lighter racket, and the balance can be adjusted up or down. This means you can alter your racket depending on the type of opposition you have.

Spin Blade Grit:

The spin blade grit will give your most powerful shots the necessary spin.


  • Outstanding control
  • Consistent outcomes
  • Changes to balance and weight are possible.


  • Not suitable for heavy power players

5. StarVie Racket Pro Padel Racket:

Weight 365-375g
StarVie Racket Pro Padel Racket

StarVie Padel Racket Review:

Popular best padel rackets for advanced players include the StarVie Racket Pro. It is known for having a great deal of spin and control. The rounder head and teardrop shape of the racket boost the sweet spot and produce more spin. 

Additionally, the frame of the racket is flexible, allowing for strokes with more control and power. The carbon fiber structure of the StarVie Racket Pro creates a sturdy and long-lasting frame. Additionally, the surface of the racket is textured and has a soft touch, which enhances ball control and grip.

I just got the opportunity to test the StarVie Racket Pro padel racket, and I must admit that I was quite pleased.

In terms of playing, the racket felt exceptionally sturdy and steady, and the spin it provided was unparalleled. I really liked the racket’s general feel and the comfortable grip.

I think it is now one of my favourite rackets, and I usually recommend it to other players. However, it is crucial to remember that racket performance can vary based on the player’s skill level and playing style, so it is always preferable to test out a racket before buying it.



It features a core made of high-density foam or honeycomb, which is typical of expensive rackets. These cores’ strength is often higher than that of other cores, and they are made to offer a good balance of power and control.

Carbon Fibre:

The carbon fiber, one of the key technologies employed in the racket, offers a sturdy and long-lasting frame. Shots may be made with more power and control because to the lightweight, robust properties of carbon fiber.


The racket also features a flexible frame that enhances power and control during strokes. This is made possible by the balance point, which is between 360 and 370 mm, which makes the racket well-balanced.


  • High quality construction
  • Good power and control
  • Comfortable grip


  • High Cost
  • Not for beginners
  • String tension

6. Bullpadel Vertex 03 Padel Racket:

Type Intermediate
Bullpadel Vertex 03 Padel Racket:

Bull padel Vertex 03 Review:

The Bull padel Vertex 03 2022 is a best padle racket with incredible strength. It gives maximum control and high performance, ideal for achieving perfect agility and comfort. It is diamond shaped with weight at the head of the racket, especially designed for professional or advanced players. This racket is extremely effective for offensive play.

The Bull padel Vertex 03 racket is ideal for those seeking a good balance of power and control. The racket is perfectly balanced, has a huge sweet spot, and feels comfortable in the hand. I’ve been playing padel for a few years and have seen a significant improvement in my skills since switching to this racket. 

The design is also incredibly sleek and fashionable.  I highly recommend it to any intermediate to expert player trying to advance their game.

It just turned out to be an amazing racket!


XT Carbon 12k:

XT Carbon 12k, which is much thicker, faster, and stronger than normal 3k. 12k denotes the creation of a super dense weave with at least 12,000 carbon fiber threads per cubic centimeter. This increases the speed and precision of the shots.


The core of the Multi-EVA foam is called Adaptia, and because of the material’s various densities, it offers unsurpassed comfort and effectiveness. The inner layer is softer and helps to dampen vibrations while the two outer layers are harder.

Air React Channel:

The Air React Channel, is an aerodynamic arch that sits above the grip and significantly improves stability while also making the frame lighter. Due to the air passing through the racket’s center via a hollow channel, the result is a smoother racket that responds more quickly.

Custom Weight System:

The Custom Weight System is a popular tool that allows the racket to be completely customized to the player’s needs.


Metalshield adapts perfectly to the customized weighting system while protecting your racket from hits and scratches. 


To lessen the risk of the arm, wrist, and shoulder injuries, the racket has an integrated vibration-reducing system called Vibradrive.


The racket is pre-assembled with the Hesacore ergonomic grip(best padel grips), which provides a racket that sits comfortably in the hand while also aiding in playability.


  • High Power
  • Great Control
  • Durable


  • High Cost
  • Not for beginners
  • Expensive

7. Head Evo Delta Padel Racket:

Type Low Budget
Head Evo Delta Padel Racket:

Head Evo Delta Padel Racket Review:

Head Evo Delta is a low-budget, modern design racket that provides comfort and great strength. It has a large, soft, and sweet foam, with fiberglass hitting the surface for a softer feel and touch.

Furthermore, it contains innegra technology for reducing shocks. This model is a good choice if you want a cheap racket that is simple to use.

The best padel racket for those on a limited budget is the Head Evo Delta. The sleek and futuristic appearance makes it stand out on the court.

The Head Evo Delta is a great choice for anyone who is new to the sport since it is simple to use and provides lots of comfort and power.

The racquet also boasts a fiberglass striking surface for a softer feel and touch, soft foam, Innegra technology for increased power, and decreased vibrations. The racket is very inexpensive and is most suitable for players just starting out.



The Head Evo Delta 2022 is reinforced with Innegra to increase its durability and toughness. Innegra ™ forms an ultra-strong hybrid composite structure and is integrated for shock absorption and improved stability. As a result, vibrations are reduced by up to 17% at ball impact, providing unique control and precision. It also enhances the performance of your racquet head.

Soft foam:

Softa foam has been used in the core of Head Evo Delta that increases the sweet spot, provides comfort, guarantees great sensations when hitting, and reduces vibrations. Its soft touch also minimizes the risk of injury.

Power frame:

The frame of this model is engineered to create extra strength and torsional stiffness for the racket.


  • Good level of stiffness and durability
  • Light weight
  • Good for generating spin
  • Good balance of power and control


  • Stiff
  • It may not be as forgiving on off-center shots as some other rackets
  • Not be suitable for beginner players 
  • Quite expensive


A heavier paddle provides greater strength but less control, whereas a lighter paddle provides more control but less power. Lighter padel rackets are more suited to novices, and heavier padel rackets are better suited to experienced players.

The size and form of the racket head is the primary distinction between a padel racket and a tennis racket. Tennis rackets are larger and more oval-shaped, whereas padel rackets are smaller and more square-shaped. In comparison to tennis rackets, padel rackets typically feature a more flexible structure.

A decent case or bag does more than just hold your racket; it also shields it from bumps and other harm thanks to the material’s particular design. Your racket won’t be subjected to significant temperature variations, shocks, or wayward dirt and debris if it is in a bag or case.

It depends on how frequently you play and how well the racket is maintained. If you play frequently, it’s a good idea to update your racket every two to three years. Your racket could last longer if you don’t play as regularly. Replace your racket if you find any cracks or damage to the handle or frame.

Carbon fiber, fiberglass, and graphite are the most commonly used materials for padel rackets. These materials offer a harmony of force, strength, and control. For the best performance, some expensive padel rackets combine these components.

A padel racket’s grip size is important, that much is true. A grip that is too broad can lead to slippage and a lack of accuracy, while a grip that is too tight can result in pain and a lack of control. It’s crucial to pick a grip size that fits your hand properly and enables you to grasp the racket firmly.

A power racket is made to strike the ball with greater force and power, whereas a control racket is made to hit the ball with more accuracy and precision. Power rackets often have a larger sweet spot than control rackets, which typically have a smaller one. It’s crucial to select a racket that matches your tastes and playing style.

Yes, a lot of manufacturers and merchants let you customize your padel rackets. The weight, balance, grip size, and customization choices like a name or logo are all included in this. It’s a superb strategy to get a racket that suits your demands and tastes.


The player’s skill level, playing style, and personal preferences all contribute to choosing the best padel rackets. When selecting a racket, it’s crucial to take into account factors like weight, balance, materials, form, and grip size. Bullpadel, Adidas, Nox, Head, and Dunlop are a few popular brands.

To preserve the longevity of the racket, adequate care and storage must be taken. Additionally, there are customization possibilities to fit the racket to the individual requirements and tastes of the player. Ultimately, testing out many possibilities and selecting the one that improves your performance on the court is the greatest method to find the ideal racket.

One of these rackets will definitely improve your experience, but it is not all about choosing a good racket, “Padel is like ballet dancing; it requires a lot of control, strength, mind play, and measured movements.”

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