Nox Nerbo WPT Review

Nox Nerbo WPT Review | Luxury Series Of Padel Racket

Nox is a Spanish brand known for its exceptional quality all over the world. The padel brand Nox has been successful in providing players with feelings of playability and mobility. It has rackets for every level of player.

The new Nox Nerbo WPT is a quick and strong racket with a 15% faster ball speed off the racket that is suited for professionals or higher-level players. It maintains the diamond shape and balance at a high level for optimum striking force.

But because of its innovative core with several material layers, it also produces excellent sensations when struck. Its composition incorporates carbon and 18k fabric as well as a core made of multilayered black eva rubber, which greatly enhances potential.

There are many additional technologies in the Nox Nerbo WPT padel racket. For a game without injuries, it also features roughness on the faces and an anti-vibration system. The Nerbo WPT is far less brittle than earlier models, making it stronger with time.

It is as potent, stable, and quick as its predecessor. The racket has the “Teste Padel” certification, indicating its strength and caliber. Furthermore, we will thoroughly discuss its characteristics, and I have also shared my personal reviews about it.

Nox Nerbo WPT Review

Nox Nerbo WPT Luxury Series Review

Nox Nerbo WPT Padel Racket Luxury Series Review:

This racket offers great durability and power. This will be a hit with aggressive players who like the smash. The disadvantage is that players who prefer a light racket will not enjoy this because of the form.

It is really quick and impressive, yet it is difficult to adjust to and calls for a high level of skill and technique. I adore this racket; however, if you suffer from elbow or epicondylitis issues, I would not recommend it.

Technologies Used In Nox Nerbo WPT Padel Racket:


As you strike the ball, the vibrations on your arm are reduced by this advanced technology. Despite its great power, it does also maintain some control.

A player is protected from harm by an anti-vibration system made up of tiny rubber bands in the frame region that absorb vibrations from ball impacts. You will experience a more enjoyable game without discomfort so that you may perform at your highest level throughout your most rigorous bouts.

Smart Strap System

The new Smart Strap technology, which is built into the racket, makes it simple to change out the protective strap. By simply changing the strap without affecting the guarantee because no tampering with the bottom cap is required, you improve the hygienic and safety of your racket. You now have more customization options!

Oversize Grip Technology

The oversize grip technology of the NERBO WPT improves the player’s grasp on the equipment.

Characteristics of Nox Nerbo WPT Padel Racket

Shape Of Nox Nerbo WPT

Due to the diamond form of the Nerbo WPT, much greater power is possible than with other rackets. This indicates that the sweet spot, or best area to hit the ball, is at the top of the racket. It blends strength and restraint, giving continual rigidity for a remarkable performance. 

Additionally, it makes handling the padel racket more challenging but also makes strokes more effective. This kind of padel racket is not advised if you are injured.

Weight Of Nox Nerbo WPT

A standard padel weighs between 360 and 375 grams on average, giving you a good balance of force and lightness. It enables you to have a strong stroke without having to worry about its weight. 

Material Of Nox Nerbo WPT

The Nerbo WPT features a rough exterior and a multilayered core. This produces outstanding outcomes.

Material Of Nox Nerbo WPT

Core Of Nox Nerbo WPT

The core of the racket is made of several different layers of materials, including multilayered black eva rubber. The multilayered black eva rubber used in the core not only increases energy dispersion and maximizes power but also significantly improves sensations.

The racket’s longevity is increased by its multilayered core, and with proper maintenance, it should last two to three years. It provides excellent rigidity and optimal power.

Nox Nerbo WPT Pade Racket Rough surface 

To produce outstanding outcomes, the faces are given a rough finish using the rough surface system. The player will be able to have a better grip and improve the spin in each of his strokes thanks to the rough finish on the surface.

With its rough surface, you will be able to print extra spin on the ball. With this racket, getting loads of pace and topspin is easier.

Nox Nerbo WPT Pade Racket Rough surface 

Nox Nerbo WPT Racket Face     

A 100% carbon frame and an 18k carbon fiber coating are used in the Nox Nerbo WPT padel racket to increase resistance in the planes and prevent breakage.

This combination will make the racquet extremely rigid for maximum strength and power. It enables an ideal distribution of the energy produced while striking both low-speed and power strokes, enhancing gameplay.

Nox Nerbo WPT Racket Frame

Dynamic Composite Structure

For optimum performance, the reinforcement of dynamic composite structure technology provides considerable strength and avoids breakage.

We reduce the toughness difference between the frame and the face by using more material from the frame up to four centimeters inside the racket face.

With the help of Dynamic Composite Structure technology, materials better bond together, are less brittle, and are consequently more robust over time.

Who Should Use It?

This racket is not for you if your game revolves around playing with precision, softness, and accuracy.

The Nox Nerbo WPT is a powerful padel racket made for players at the professional or advanced levels who want the most power and control possible. It is ideal for offensive players who want to strike with more force. It has excellent ball output because of its diamond structure and good balance.


It has a high balance.

No, it is not too expensive.

No, it is for advanced and professional players.


It is a high-performance best padel racket with amazing technologies that has already generated a lot of discussion in competitions and on online padel sites. Order your Nox Nerbo WPT today and enjoy.

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