How To Take Care Of Your Paddle Racket

How To Take Care Of Your Padle Racket

Given that the paddle racket is usually the most expensive piece of equipment, it is essential to know How to take care of your padle racket properly in order to get the most usage out of it and to preserve its durability. It is also susceptible to harm because of its advanced technology and fragility.

It is possible to eliminate or at least lessen such a risk. Padel rackets are less durable than tennis rackets because of contact with the metal mesh on the side walls. You will learn how to take care of and maintain your padel racket from this article. 

According to the manufacturers, padel rackets technically have a lifespan of between 12 and 18 months. Unless they are harshly used. You may think that you have been taking care of it, but there may be things you are doing that the racket is being harmed by that you are unaware of.

 We give some suggestions On How To Take Care Of Your Padle Racket

  •  Avoid hitting the ground
  •  Racket protector applied correctly
  •  Replace your grip often
  •  Avoid leaving in hot temperatures
  •  Avoid leaving in cold temperatures
  •  Invest in a padel bag

Avoid Hitting The Padel Racket To Ground:

You’ve certainly seen a number of players slam the ball on the ground in an attempt to pick it up, but this is bad for the racket.

Even the professional players do, but there is no chance that their racket will be harmed. Because of this, the frame may have tiny cracks; most of these cracks start in the frame and move gradually downward towards the core of the racket.

Avoid Hitting The Padel Racket To Ground

If you strike the ball with it hard enough, it might crack; the crack will eventually spread. Breaks in the structure are a type of damage that cannot be fixed.       

These rackets are unlike tennis rackets, which have strings with a lot of bend since they are made of more rigid materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass. We should thus play with them carefully.

Applied Racket Protector Correctly

It’s essential to use a racket protector to protect your best padel rackets. On the frame of the Padel racket, always use a protection.

To protect the frame against unintended bumps from the walls, these are placed above the frame. You will often bang your racket against the walls while playing as you try to retrieve a ball. Without a racket protection, this could cause damage to the frame.

Being the strongest part of the racket, the frame will only shatter more and more until it eventually reaches the core or face. The guard must be securely stretched over the top of the racket in order to cover the greatest amount of surface area.

Applied Racket Protector Correctly

The guard must be carefully and precisely extended over the top of the racket to be properly applied. One person holds the padel racket upright and vertically.

Take off the racket guard to have access to the adhesive area. Start sticking downward at the very top of the racket.

One side of the racket protection should be wrapped around the racket’s frame. For the best results, stretch as far as you can. Check to see if there are any ridges or openings where dirt or air could enter.

Replace Your Padel Racket Grip

Your point of contact with your padel racket during active play depends on how well your Best Padel Grips is performing. The more you play, the worse your grip will get, and the shot will be entirely wrecked if your hand slips when you strike the ball.

Because it is constantly in contact with hands, sweat, and bacteria, the handle area is the one that experiences the greatest damage. It is always advised to change the grip or overgrip as soon as they begin to exhibit noticeable wear or damage.

Replace Your Padel Racket Grip

During the sweltering heat, overgrips do a better job of absorbing your hands’ perspiration. While playing, you will notice that an overgrip is starting to feel a little looser on the primary grip of your padel racket.

A sticky grip is essential since the shot will be ruined the instant your hand moves while you are striking the ball. 

Professional players have been seen switching overgrips during set breaks at the World Padel Tournaments. Your shots won’t be efficient, no matter how fantastic your racket is, if your grip is weak.

Avoid Leaving Padel Racket in hot temperatures

Maintaining a balanced temperature for your padel racket is a terrific way to take care of it. Your racket may suffer harm from the heat, and the fibers in the frame or core may weaken and expire.

Avoid Leaving Padel Racket in hot temperatures

Many modern rackets feature an EVA core, which, when exposed to high temperatures over an extended period of time, begins to deteriorate and become softer, decreasing the power of the racket.

Prevent leaving your padel racket in spaces with direct sunlight or in the trunk of a car. Your padel racket will be fine if you leave it in its case or in the shade. When you go home, make sure it is stored somewhere that is at room temperature.

Avoid Leaving Padel Racket in cold temperatures

You can play padel in chilly weather with your racket, but you should be careful not to leave it there for an extended amount of time. It can become very cold if you keep it in the water.

Make sure the racket dries well after you’ve finished playing in the winter weather, and don’t leave it in the wet for an extended period of time, especially if it’s the middle of winter and the temperature is near zero.

Avoid Leaving Padel Racket in cold temperatures

It is still essential to train padel in the winter, as you can see an article from our website on the benefits of practicing padel in the winter.

Avoid Playing Padel Racket On Rainy Days 

It is best to avoid rainy days because they can damage the racket. It’s also recommended to stay away from wet or damp balls for the same reason.

If your racket does become wet, you must immediately dry it with a dry cloth. When the racket becomes too cold, it becomes harsher and more rigid, increasing the likelihood that it may shatter and crack.

Use Best Padel Racket Bag

The best way to maintain your padel racket is to purchase best padel bags. They neatly organize all of your Padel accessories, and more importantly, they keep your racket secure. They are not only highly practical for carrying all of your other equipment and supplies,

Use Best Padel Racket Bag

There are numerous additional benefits to using a padel bag for this, such as the fact that it safeguards the racket, impedes the entry of hot and cold air, and keeps the racket dry. Purchasing a padel bag is an excellent way to protect your padel racket!


If you have a padel racket, you should Know How to take care of your padle racket. By keeping it secure and dry, avoiding temperatures that are too hot or cold, wearing racket protection, and avoiding striking the ground you can protect your padel racket. Don’t forget to share with your friends!

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